K-movie and Korean cinema once again in the spotlight!

Our Korean friends have once again 4 films selected films in the official selection and 2 for the Golden Palm.

KORE-EDA BROKER Hirokazu and PARK PARK HAEOJIL GYEOLSIM Chan-Wook are in official selection. We wish good luck to KOFIC and K-movie!  We hope one of these films will has the same success than the brilliant  “PARASITE” of Bong Joon Ho.

The Cannes Film Festival 2022 ends… We look forward to the 2023 Cannes Film Festival!

Our agencies Cannes Exhibitions and Cannes Yacht booking would like to thank our customers for their renewed trust over the past 13 years. K-movie and Korean cinema dazzles us year after year…

Squid Game star Lee Jung-Jae under the spotlight!

During the last Cannes Films Festival, the International star Lee Jung-Jae presented his latest film, “Hunt”. An action and espionage film screened in the “out of competition” category.

Invited to the Korean evening party organised by our agency Cannes-Exhibitions, this famous actor was very kind and patient will all his numerous fans!

2022, Cannes Film Festival

Press event and focus on Stars, Defiine in the heart of the Festival!

Prestigious guests shooted by Getty image, partner of the Cocktail party.

Our guests were impressed by the refined Mediterranean cuisine of Antoine REGNAULT , famous Chef of the French Riviera.

The Vegaluna Beach, privatized and decorated once again by our agency has put all its know-how to the success of this event!

Shape the futur and expand !
Yacht, Cannes la Croisette

promote your company internationally and build awareness of your projects.

A place for exchanges and discussion on the major issues of real estate and each year the showcase of the international real estate industry. On board a top-of-the-range atmosphere for the emblematic players of this major show. Meeting, private party, dinner on board opposite the Palais des Festivals in a sumptuous setting !

Make your evening an annual event!
Private event Cannes

In a unique venue during the biggest real estate exhibitions.

Make your evening an annual event! Every year this evening is a success, show cooking, DJ, a crazy atmosphere in front of the Palais des Festivals. In an exceptional venue, a private party during the real estate exhibition which has established itself as a major meeting of globalization.

Invitation to the seaside….
Croisette Cannes

The world’s largest real estate exhibitions.

Invitation to the seaside, with your partners and clients !
A colorful lunch with a tailor-made menu in a friendly atmosphere overlooking the sea, during the world’s largest real estate exhibitions in Cannes.

Lunch and product launch

What huge pleasure to meet again our Clients for this congress event dedicated to the luxury destination.

Cannes has restarted the convention season and 2022 looks like this sunny day!

A small Beach Cocktail event in a refined place

One of our favorite beaches on the Croisette !

An ideal evening, the day before the congress, Monday, March 14, 2022.

It was a rich moment of reunion for the teams and their clients during a nice cocktail party. A beach of the Croisette awarded by the quality of Maître restaurateur…

The world’s property market of Cannes

A great success for our client’s cocktail on the Rado Beach

Finally the return of events without masks in airy and secured spaces. Our client enjoyed the exquisite food and cooking shows!

Cocktail party with cooking shows..

Our guests enjoyed this beach of the Croisette fitted out on this occasion with a large tent nicely decorated.

A good time of sharing, quality culinary animations and always in the background the business contacts plain for the year!

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